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About Us
Welcome to TJH Mortgage Brokers, LLC, where we specialize in residential mortgages. At TJH Mortgage Brokers, LLC, we will find a loan that fits each borrower. Unlike big banks that have "order takers" helping you with your loan, we have highly skilled loan consultants. Our consultants know what it takes to get through underwriting quickly. Also, the big banks have a limited number of lending options available and their loan programs are one size fits all. We have relationships with many lenders. We will find the lender that offers rates good for your scenario. No matter your needs, we are here to help. 

TJH Mortgage Brokers, LLC                                  Thomas Lewis Sr. (NMLS: 282210)
60 St. Francis Street                                               Email:
Mobile, AL 36602                                                    Phone: 251-609-3770

                                                                                 William Thames (NMLS: 206877
                                                                                 Phone: 251-433-3961



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